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courtesy of Geoff Walden
Schweinfurt Rathaus in 1933
Schweinfurt Rathaus today
The original Schweinfurt Rathaus (town hall) was built in 1572. Here it is seen decorated for the Nazi "Tag der Arbeit" (Labor Day) rally on 1 May 1933. (Stadtarchiv Schweinfurt)

The Rathaus suffered some damage during World War II, but is once again the centerpiece of Schweinfurt.


Schweinfurt Marktplatz in 1932
Schweinfurt Marktplatz today
Adolf Hitler visited Schweinfurt on 16 October 1932, shortly before he became Chancellor of Germany. This view shows the crowd in the downtown Marktplatz. (author's collection)

Same view today -- the buildings have changed
due to the bombing, but the statue of
poet Friedrich Rückert is still there.


Adolf-Hitler-Straße (today Spitalstraße)
Spitalstraße today
The main street off the Marktplatz was renamed Adolf-Hitler-Straße (today Spitalstraße). This view is from a 1930s postcard. (author's collection)

View today down Spitalstraße. Rebuilding after the bombing damage was not always done to match the pre-war architecture. The Rathaus on the Marktplatz is visible at the end of the street.


Adolf-Hitler-Straße (today Spitalstraße)


Spitalstraße today
An SS column marches down Adolf-Hitler-Straße. (Stadtarchiv Schweinfurt)

Spitalstraße today


Schweinfurt Marktplatz in 1930s


Schweinfurt Marktplatz today
Nazi rallies often filled the Marktplatz with marching columns and spectators. A view from the tower of the Rathaus. (Stadtarchiv Schweinfurt)
A view from the tower of the Rathaus today.


Sachs Satdium in the 1930s


Sachs Satdium today
The Sachs-Stadion was often used for Nazi rallies and presentations. Here, a Luftwaffe official addresses local members of the Luftschutz (air raid protection corps). (private collection in Schweinfurt)
The Sachs-Stadion today.


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