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courtesy of Geoff Walden
Sachs Stadium in 1936
Sachs Stadium today
Children play at the Sachs-Stadion in 1936 - the stadium is decorated with swastika flags.

The trees and bushes have grown up in the intervening 70 years, but the view remains mostly unchanged otherwise.


Cramerstraße in early 1940s
Cramerstraße today
Buildings along Cramerstraße, across from the SKF-1 factory, were substantially destroyed during the war. (Stadtarchiv Schweinfurt)

Cramerstraße today.


Ernst-Sachs-Straße in 1940s
Ernst-Sachs-Straße today
Looking down Ernst-Sachs-Straße, at another large crater in the street. The Fichtel & Sachs buildings are to the left. (Stadtarchiv Schweinfurt)

The rebuilt SKF-Werk II building shown in the comparison above is on the right in this view, with another VKF (now SKF) building just beyond it.


Fischerrain in 1940s


Fischerrain today
Ruined houses on Fischerrain, near the Main River. (Städtische Sammlungen Schweinfurt)

Most were rebuilt to approximate their original appearance, but the street was widened on the left side.




Friedrich-Stein-Straße today
This Sherman tank is moving through the rubble of the destroyed Gelatine Fabrik on Friedrich-Stein-Straße.
The modern layout of this area precludes a matching view today, but the building in the modern photo can be seen in the right background of the 1945 photo (partially destroyed).


Kesslergasse then


Kesslergasse today
Kesslergasse, a quaint street in the old town area, was left in ruins. (Stadtarchiv Schweinfurt)
The ruins were rebuilt in about the same style.


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