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• Enlisted at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station), Pittsburgh, PA 6 June 1983

• OSUT (One Station Unit Training), C-1-1, FT Knox, KY 25 October 1983
o 6th cycle on M1 Abrams
o Honor Platoon, 1st Platoon

• Armor Crewman, B 2/8 Cavalry, 1st Cav Div, FT Hood, TX, Mar 84 - Apr 85
o Two Gunneries, one as PFC Gunner
o Two NTC rotations
o Two months with Red Thrust (Soviet Equipment Unit)

• Armor Crewman, B 3-64 ▲, 3ID, Schweinfurt, Germany, Apr 85 - Jun 86
o Participated in the USAREUR Soldier Exchange Program, assigned to C platoon, 3rd    Kompanie, 354 Panzerbataillon in Hammelburg
o Conducted border patrols from Camps Lee, Harris, and Coburg
o Selected as Battalion and Brigade Soldier of the Quarter
o Finalist to the Division Soldier of the Year Board
o Two Gunneries, one as a Driver, and one as a SPC Gunner
o Two CMTC Rotations

• Gunner/ Tank Commander, A 3-64 ▲, 3ID, Schweinfurt, Germany, Jun 86 - Dec 93
o PLDC Commandant's List, Commandant's Award, Leadership Award
o Gunner during CAT ‘87 Competition, placing 3rd of 24 platoons internationally.
o Selected as Battalion NCO of the Month 3 times
o Conducted security patrols for the Missau USAREUR Ammunition Depot
o BNCOC Commandant’s List
o Master Gunner Course graduate
o Inducted into the Sergeant Morales Club
o Selected as Battalion NCO of the Year
o Deployed to Operations Desert Shield/ Storm as Tank Commander
o 21 Grafenwöhr rotations and 10 CMTC Rotations
o Highest TT VIII score as a Gunner 995, Highest TT VIII score as TC 989
o ANCOC Commandant’s List
o 2nd tank in the Battalion to get turned in during deactivation

• Tank Commander, D 2-64 ▲, 3ID, Schweinfurt, Germany, Jan 94 – Aug 94
o “Top Gun” in the Company with a 985
o Battalion High Tank Platoon TT XII twice consecutive
o Two Gunneries and one CMTC Rotations

• Platoon Sergeant, D 1-77 ▲, 1ID, Schweinfurt, Germany, Aug 94 – Dec 98
o Served as Platoon Sergeant as a Staff Sergeant
o “Top Gun” in the Company with a 989
o Battalion High Tank Platoon TT XII during 3 Gunneries
o Promoted Oct 96
o Developed a Platoon SOP that the majority of the Battalion adopted
o Deployed the platoon to Ft. Riley, KS for 2 weeks during Peace Keeper ’95 to execute a Multi-National Checkpoint with the Russian unit.
o Deployed as IFOR and SFOR to Bosnia-Herzogovina
o Served as First Sergeant during 2 Gunnery and 1 CMTC rotations
o 9 Gunnery and 7 CMTC Rotations
o Served as First Sergeant for skeleton Company to deactivate and turn-in tanks

• Battalion Schools NCO, HHC 1-77 ▲, 1ID, Schweinfurt, Germany, Jan 99 – May 99
o Developed a new Battalion and Brigade Schools SOP
o Successfully sent 119 soldiers to various schools without any drops

• Operations Sergeant Major, HHC 1-77 ▲, 1ID, Schweinfurt, Germany, May 99 - Jul 99
o Selected to be the Battalion Operations Sergeant Major as a SFC
o Participated in Mountain Eagle Exercise
o Deployed the Battalion to Kosovo, KFOR 1A
o One Gunnery and one CMTC rotation

• Operations Sergeant, HHC 1-77 ▲, 1ID, Schweinfurt, Germany, Jul 99 – Feb 00
o Performed operations as a Battle Captain while deployed to Kosovo

• Platoon Sergeant, C 1-77 ▲, 1ID, Schweinfurt, Germany, Feb 00 - Oct 00
o High Tank Platoon TT XII within the Company
o One Gunnery and one CMTC rotation.
o Implemented a solid Maintenance Management and Property Accountability Program

• First Sergeant, B 1-77 ▲, 1ID, Schweinfurt, Germany, Oct 00- Jul 03
o "TOP GUN" Company, three Gunneries
o Deployed Company to Kosovo, KFOR 4A
o Implemented a solid Soldier/NCO of the Month program
o Designed a database system to assist the management of administrative actions
o Best Dental Readiness record within the entire Brigade
o Five Gunneries and four CMTCs

• Retired, First Sergeant, Schweinfurt, Germany, 1 Nov 03

"Why carry a weapon? Let your weapon carry you!"

41 Grafenwöhr, 26 Hohenfels, and 2 NTC rotations


• 1983 Armor Crewman OSUT, FT Knox, KY
• 1984 Combat Life Saver Course, 4 weeks, FT Hood, TX
• 1985 Bundeswehr Exchange Program, 3 months, 354 Pz Bn, Hammelburg, Germany
• 1986 PLDC, Kitzigen, Germany
• 1986 Tank Crew Evaluator Course, Vilseck, Germany
• 1987 Small Arms Maintenance Course, Vilseck, Germany
• 1987 Master Gunner Course, FT Knox, KY
• 1988 NBC Defense Course, Würzburg, Germany
• 1989 BNCOC, Hohenfels, Germany
• 1989 Army Precommissioned Correspondence Course
• 1989 Engineer Construction Correspondence Course
• 1990 Army Retention Course, Würzburg, Germany
• 1993 ANCOC, FT Knox, KY
• 1994 Army Retention Course, Kitzigen, Germany
• 1998 Tank Crew Evaluator Course, Vilseck, Germany
• 2000 USAREUR CDR/ 1SG Course, Vilseck, Germany
• 2001 First Sergeant Course, FT Bliss, TX


• Order of Saint George, Bronze award, Schweinfurt, Germany
• Legion of Merit
• Army Commendation Medal (3rd award)
• Army Achievement Medal (10th award)
• Good Conduct Medal (6th award)
• National Defense Service Medal (Bronze Star 2nd award)
• Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
• Southwest Asia Service Medal (Bronze Star- Defense and Liberation of Kuwait)
• Kosovo Campaign Medal (Bronze Star 2nd award)
• Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
• Armed Forces Service Medal
• NCO Professional Development Ribbon (3rd award)
• Army Service Ribbon
• Overseas Service Ribbon (2nd award), 18 1/2 consecutive years on Conn Barracks, Schweinfurt, Germany
• NATO Medal (Bosnia)
• NATO Medal (Kosovo 2nd award)
• Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia)
• Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)
• V Corps Distinguished Small Unit Award
• Army Superior Unit Award
• Marksmanship Badge (Expert Pistol), (Expert Rifle)

Armor Branch Insignia
2/8 Cavalry
3-64 Armor
3-64 Armor
1-77 Armor
Bavaria Coat of Arms Lower Franconia Coat of Arms Schweinfurt County Coat of Arms Schonungen Municipality Coat of Arms