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Canadian Army Trophy


  Each formation in the Army Group has provided three platoons of four tanks and the winning Army Group is determined on the basis of the 12-platoon team having the highest accumulated score. The CENTAG team for the purposes of the competition, has been divided into three groups and the middle score from each group will be dropped from the accumulated total, although that platoon will continue to be in the running for individual platoon awards.

  A successful platoon engagement depends upon individual tank accuracy and platoon fire direction, cooperation, control and discipline. Each platoon will be required to engage 24 main armament targets and 80 falling plate machine gun targets. Each platoon carries 40 rounds of main armament ammunition (10 per tank) and 1,000 rounds of machine gun ammunition (250 per tank). Each tank will also carry a reserve of four main armament rounds and 125 rounds of machine gun ammunition to be used only on the order of the Chief Judge.

  • Main gun:
    • 500 points per main gun hit (maximum 12,000).

    • Time Score = 0-40 seconds for the platoon to engage main gun targets appearing at each bound. Sliding scale of 0-500 points per target, depending on the time used to complete the engagement (maximum 12,000).

    • Hit bonus = 500 points for hitting all targets

    • Ammunition bonus = 100 points for each main gun round remaining (maximum 16).
  • Machine gun:
    • Hit Score = 25 points per machine gun hit (80 falling plates)
  • Penalties:
    • 600 Points -not arriving on bound in time
    • 1000 pts./rnd. -unauthorized use of reserve ammo

Maximum Possible Scores for CAT Battle Run

Component Score

Hit Score
Time Score
Hit Bonus
Ammunition Bonus
Machinegun Score

Total Score



  • Each tank is to stow 10 target practice rounds for the main armament and 250 rounds of machine gun ammunition.

  • A reserve of four main gun rounds and 125 machine gun rounds will also be carried, but used only at the specific direction of the Chief Judge.


  • Targets will be in a configuration as shown below.

Main Gun

CAT Target


Machine Gun

CAT machinegun Target


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CAT 83 Logo

CAT 83 Emblem

Panzer Y458267 of the 1st Platoon, 2. PzBtl 293 - the top scoring platoon

CAT 1983 Scoresheet

CAT 1983 Scoreboard

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